An Open Letter To Those Who Left Too Soon.

I want to start by saying yes, your friends still check the Facebook page we made for you. And yes, sometimes people scroll through it and let a tear, or two, or twenty roll down their cheeks.

All of the things that used to make us think of you still serve as reminders, even though it’s been years. Your friends still whisper your favorite sayings when they hear the songs we played at your funeral.

I still remember standing up at the podium that day and telling a memory of my time with you. It was hard because I had so many to choose from and I wanted the one I told to exemplify how great of a friend you were.

Your friends still keep their own personal reminders of you: letters, drawings, photographs, tattoos, maybe a stuffed animal they got of your favorite animal. Sometimes we find something that reminds of you and we cry. We tell your story through the songs that we sing, the memories we share, and the love we show others.

We all still remember watching your parents cry. We can only imagine the pain of losing a child so young, but we continue to offer them hugs, prayers, love, and memories of what a great person you were.

And every year, we go back to Facebook to leave a long and eloquent post in remembrance of you, but most of us simply end up saying we miss you. We miss you, we love you, and we will never forget you or how you taught us how to be a light in this world.

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