To Those Who Dare to Get Close.

“I’ve got a hamper full of really loud mistakes

and a graveyard in my closet.

I’m afraid if I let you see my skeletons,

you’ll grind the bones into powder

and get high on my fault lines.”

-Rudy Fransisco, My Honest Poem

I make myself seem like an open book because there is so much to learn about me that I can get away with having things that belong to only me and my mind – and my pen when I put it to use – without people realizing that there is more to me.

I heard that 95% of the ocean is still to be discovered. Unless your job is to discover the rest of what’s in the bodies of water that cover most of Earth’s surface, you don’t really think about the fact that there are possibly things you never thought could exist in them. You revel in all the amazing things that you can see – dolphins, whales, sharks, turtles, etc.

That’s how I let people experience me. I give them more than enough to keep them entertained so they don’t worry about the fact that there might be more.

If I am being completely honest, people would probably be surprised with how much I don’t share. I’m scared that if I do let people inside those walls, that they will lay siege to the castle that I’ve so carefully built and maintained. It’s a very fragile structure that’s been broken before; parts of it are still under repair.

So, if I do decide to let you in – take notice of the caution sign that I’ve posted on the door. Remember to look at the “Handle with Care” tag on the bones you find in the closet. Ignore the ghosts who roam the halls giving me constant reminders of things I’m still healing from.

Thank you.

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